Register a Shipping Company in Cyprus

Cypriot and European residents might continue with the important techniques and register their vessel on the Registrar of Ships. Nonetheless, non-European residents who wish to enlist a boat under the Cyprus banner they are obliged to incorporate a Cyprus Shipping Company. The incorporated Cyprus shipping company will get the boat in its name. In this article, I will give some essential information concerning the development and maintenance of a Cyprus shipping company.

The shipping company is enrolled as a privately owned business with restricted risk following the arrangements of the Cyprus Companies Law. For the company development, the filing of the reminder and articles of relationship in Greek with the Registrar of Companies is required. The administrative system expected for company development is around 3-5 days since the filing of the vital documentation. Note that the cycle may be sped up for critical cases. It very well may be found that the incorporation of a shipping company needs a sufficient lawful and administrative help.

Reminder and Articles of Association

The reminder ought to contain company’s items. For the situation of shipping organizations, the ordinary items are transport proprietorship and activity, cash borrowing, contracts, and so forth Then again, the articles will quite often take on Table An of the Companies Law for certain progressions or expansion whether it is required.

Name of the Company and Registered Address

An essential prerequisite is that the name of the company should end with “Restricted” or “Ltd”. The Registrar of Companies ought to endorse the name. The endorsement for the most part requires two days however in earnest cases the system might be sped up. The enlisted address must be in Cyprus. In many cases it is arranged at the workplaces of the legal counselors who have incorporated the company in Cyprus. Note that the secretary keeps the registers and minute-books.