What is a 6.5 Creedmoor equivalent to?

6 Top Performing 6.5 creedmoor ammo Choices (2022)

Hornady Custom 123-grain SST

Underwood 110-grain Controlled Chaos

Nosler Trophy Grade 129-grain AccuBond

Hornady Black 123-grain ELD

Federal Premium one hundred thirty-grain Gold Medal

Alexander Arms 123-grain Lapua Scenar

Given current ammunition trends, the 6.5 creedmoor ammo  has gotten the pink-headed stepchild treatment as of overdue. A shame, given in case you’re inside the marketplace for a practical and excessive-performing AR-15, you can’t do plenty better than this brainchild of Bill Alexander and Janne Pohjoispää. It slays recreation with the wild abandon of a rogue tiger and plays at distances that surpass a majority of marksmens’ skills. In quick, the 6.Five Grendel’s ballistics are the whole bundle in relation to a chambering for America’s preferred rifle.


Whatever your firearms passion, to get the maximum from your Grendel you want to feed it right. A assignment that’s end up extra tough in current years. With the upward push of the 6.Five Creedmoor and .224 Valkyrie, the marketplace for 6.5 creedmoor isn’t as bustling as it became no longer lengthy ago. Yet, you needn’t be anxious. Whether you’re pumping your cause finger at a metallic plate or a pesky porker, there are solid alternatives to make your Grendel an absolute monster.


In a sure respect, the Hornady Custom line is what took the agency past just a reloading components manufacturer. And it doesn’t fail the 6.5 creedmoor ammo. Topped with Hornady’s 123-grain Super Shock Tip (SST) bullets, the ammo proves flat capturing and devastating on course.



The bullet itself endows the 6.5 creedmoor ammo with a good deal of those attributes. Its polymer tip no longer handiest improves its ballistic coefficient (an impressive .510 in the G1 model) but also initiates and ensures awesome enlargement. At four hundred-yards—maximum sport is taken there or in—the spherical provides an outstanding 1,028 feet-lbs of strength on target, making it best for skittish recreation which include pronghorn. It’ll additionally do quite a number on whitetails and hogs if that’s greater your pace.


Muzzle Velocity (fps): 2,580

Muzzle Energy (ft-lbs): 1,818

Velocity 500 Yards (fps): 1,796

Energy 500 Yards (feet-lbs): 881

Ballistic Coefficient (G1): .510

Trajectory at 500 yards (2 hundred-yd zero): -fifty one.Three inches

MSRP: $25.99 container of 20

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