What Does A Meth Pipe Look Like?

Methamphetamine or crystal meth is a artificial stimulant with effects just like crack cocaine that is on occasion used to deal with weight problems and ADHD.

It is illegal to apply with out a prescription and can be relatively risky while used recreationally.

Though there are numerous strategies of use for the substance, while used recreationally, meth is often smoked.

To achieve this, people often use meth paraphernalia along with pipes. Meth pipes are normally manufactured from glass and feature a instantly tube that results in a bowl wherein the meth sits.

Features Of A Meth Pipe

Though the basics of a methamphetamine pipe can normally help you identify one, there are a diffusion of features which could make it easy to distinguish pipes for smoking meth from other pipes.

Pipe Bowl

One of the principle parts of a meth pipe is the bowl. This is a small, round piece with a hollow on the top.

The meth is positioned into the bowl wherein it is heated and became vapors that you may smoke.


Another part of a meth pipe is the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is simply a separate component utilized in smoking meth.

This is a small tube fabricated from vinyl that is positioned at the pipe part of the meth pipe. The mouthpiece, as the name can also advise, is placed to your mouth to inhale the vapors.

Glass Pipe

Another meth pipe feature is the glass pipe. This is the directly tube that connects the bowl and the mouthpiece. Meth vapors journey thru the pipe whilst you inhale.


Though this isn’t always a characteristic of the meth pipe itself, every now and then human beings pick out to smoke meth out of a bong as opposed to a pipe.

A bong is essentially a water pipe, so the functions are similar. However, bongs have a tendency to be plenty larger, making them less complicated to hide.

Harm Reduction Practices For Smoking Meth

Though smoking meth could be very risky and volatile, there are some harm reduction offerings that permit you to ensure you’re using the drug in the safest way feasible.