Advantages of hosting a major event

Taking into account that such an occasion would be measured with a great deal of achievement from the hosts, world cup it would be a decent an opportunity for the state to advance and value its way of life.

Exposure could be seen in two aspects. It very well may be either negative or positive. Though certain exposure would make the country to have better relations with different countries, negative exposure could obliterate country’s relations with different countries. As a general rule, one might say that the country will have improved worldwide pride.

Other than this, another extraordinary elusive advantage would be expanded sence of pride and improvement of relations inside the state since such a worldwide occasion will join the nearby individuals together as they are very much aware that they are running after a shared objective as a city and not as individual urban communities (Clark, 2008).


Facilitating such an occasion in a city in the US might prompt expanded crime percentage. The contention behind this is that during the occasion, such countless affluent vacationers get into the country; this gives a decent objective to the cheats and other people who are associated with social wrongdoing. Capability of assaults by psychological oppressors at such a period can’t be disregarded.

Considering the enormous number of that would be coming in, even with extremely high and tight security, guaranteeing 100 percent security may be incomprehensible. Fear mongers might make the most of this open door insect assault utilizing atomic weapons, for example, bomb impacts. This would have exceptionally unfriendly impacts both socially, monetarily and strategically.