300 Winchester Magnum Rifle Ammo

Some hunters declare you could stuff more of the   .300 Winchester magnum   slimmer 300 Win. Mag. Rounds right into a rifle’s magazine, however each the Winchester M70 and XPR rifles in shape the equal quantity of cartridges of each these magnums. Some additionally say the WSM is a more green cartridge, burning powder extra efficiently in a extra compact space. Perhaps, however if Winchester’s hundreds are generating almost the same MV for each, you’ll see no overall performance distinction except you’re a handloader. It is true the Win. Mag. Holds barely greater powder than the WSM, however, once more, no large deal except you handload.

Truly, choosing between the three hundred Winchester magnums comes right down to the period and weight of rifle you opt for. If you want short, short moves, go along with the WSM. If the 30-06-duration wellknown movement works for you, stick with the antique 300 Win. Mag. With both, you’re prepared for pretty much any big sport within the international.

In addition, a few might argue, the 308 Win. Is inherently extra correct, as born out by the numerous target competitions it has won. But a counter argument can be that the three hundred Win. Mag. Wins fewer goal games because it’s so hardly ever used for them. For decades the 308 Win. Became one of the maximum commonplace chamberings in target-grade rifles. It’s still presented in really every “accuracy platform” and varmint rifle made, although it is being unexpectedly eclipsed by way of smaller calibers like the 6.Five Creedmoor. In a searching rifle, I wouldn’t give a 2d concept to any inherent accuracy blessings in the 308 Win. Plenty of properly-made three hundred Win. Mag. Rifles will shoot sub-MOA, and MOA itself is tight sufficient to maintain all shots inside a ten.Five-inch circle at 1,000 yards.